Alternative Installation Instructions (PC)

I sent you to this page because you're trying to install XLKitLearn on a computer that is locked down in some way by your company. Unfortunately, these situations are not supported by default - it's super difficult to design an add-in that can be installed without at least basic permissions!

Nevertheless, I've written this page with potential solutions that might work for you, based on the experiences of hundreds of students in the past.

This page is split into three sections:

Getting around installing the .exe file

If you are having trouble installing the .exe file in the first step of the add-in installation instructions, try this.


If your computer is from McKinsey

If your computer is from McKinsey, you also need to carry out the following steps once you have installed the .exe (or carried out the steps above):

  1. Download the XLKitLearn.xlsm file, as instructed in the installation instructions

  2. Call GHD so they can run the following code on their command window with Admin Rights


    cd C:\Temp.\Defender_ASR_Exception.ps1

  3. Run the Defender_ASR_Exception.ps1 file, and type in your McKinsey password

  4. Restart your computer

  5. Right click on the XLKitLearn.xlsm file, and click on Add to Windows Defender Exclusions

(Note that steps 2 through 5 should be done with GHD on the phone). The add-in should then work!

I am unbelievably grateful to a past student who worked with McKinsey to identify these required steps for me.

If all else fails

If you are completely unable to install the add-in after trying all of the above, see if you can use a friend's computer, or a computer on campus, annoying as that option might be, with my apologies. If that doesn't work, here are two last-ditch options