I wrote XLKitLearn to give students access to the full power of scikitlearn using an Excel interface. Students use it to fit random forests, boosted trees, and carry out Latent Dirichlet Allocation on large datasets, all in Excel. It has changed the way I teach data science and analytics, in my Business Analytics 2 class.

Why design a brand new tool when there are others out there? See below for my rationale. Ready to give it a try? See the installation instructions and quick demos below.

Here are the highlights

You are welcome to use XLKitLearn for free for any purpose, but every run will be logged, together with your email address, on a server. If you want to avoid this log, either reach out to me or simply run it while disconnected from the internet. You will need to run it while connected to the internet at least once every 10 days to check for updates.

Installing the add-in

Before you install the add-in, download the installation instructions and the add-in Excel file. If you are installing the add-in on a PC, you will also need this zip file.

Two quick demos

Here are two short videos that demonstrate the basics of the predictive analytics and text analytics capabilities of XLKitLearn. A more detailed user manual is forthcoming!

Why design a brand new tool?

Before designing XLKitLearn, I did a broad search to see what other approaches existed to teach non-technical students data science. I found three approaches, but none of them met my needs exactly, hence my decision to create something new.