Preparing for a Meeting

I look forward to meeting with you!

To make sure we use our time together as efficiently as possible, please write up a quarter-to-half page summary of what we'll be discussing before we meet. I've found from experience that this results in a far more effective use of our time.

Here are some examples of what this could look like

Once you've prepared this, please go to this page to schedule the meeting, and paste it there when asked. Please try and schedule the meeting in the first or last available slot on any given day, if at all possible.

By default, assume our meeting will be on Zoom, at If you'll be on campus and would like to meet in person (which is always nicer!) select the "Uris 405B" option above. I'll respond to the meeting invite to let you know if that'll be possible or if we'll have to stick to zoom. Unless you receive an affirmative response from me that we can meet in person, assume our meeting will be on Zoom.

Looking forward to chatting!