Independent Studies

Thank you for your interest in doing an independent study with me! I wrote this page up as a way to summarize the options for making this happen - have a quick read through it and let me know your thoughts.

There are typically two modes in which I do independent studies

  1. In their most typical formats, independent studies are just that - independent. We'll meet for about 30 minutes at the start of semester to discuss the project, deliverables, and time commitment, 30 minutes at the end of semester to discuss assigning you a grade, and that's about it. If you're just looking to get credit for work you'll be doing anyway, this is a great option and I'd be happy to help.
  2. In certain circumstances and for the right project, I work much more closely with a student on an independent study. I usually only do this when there is the potential of producing an interesting case study or other publication. Given my limited time, I unfortunately have to be very selective with the projects I take on, so if you're interested in pursuing this path, your best bet is to come to me with a well-formed idea we can work off. One sure way to come up with a project that would live up to the mark would be to leverage present of past connections of yours to find an interesting dataset that is not publicly available that we can get the case study on. You would have to secure the permission of the data owner to publish our work using the dataset.

If either of these options seem interesting to you, please let me know.