Analytics in Action Projects

Thank you for your interest in providing a project for our Analytics in Action class, taught by me and Brett Martin. I wrote up this page as a way to summarize what these projects entail, and the next steps if you'd like to proceed.

First, some general information you might want to look through:

In general, the main features we look for in projects for this class are

We realize this is a lot to ask for. In return, we can promise a team of talented MBAs and engineers to work on your projects. Many teams have produced exceptional results over the years, some of which were later implemented at the companies they worked at, and many projects have let to job offers and hires from the hosting company. Note also that we will be supervising these teams closely - we usually have only 8 teams supervised by two instructors and two PhD TAs, so the students get a lot of help.

If this seems of interest, next steps would be a quick call to discuss the projects we've identified - reach out to let me know.